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Seamless Leasing to

Reduce risk. Free up capital.

Upgrade your brand.

Scale Your Business.

Your financing affects your growth.

Successful fleets grow quickly because they maximize their access to capital. Don't stunt your business by tying up all your available funds in fleet ownership. 


At Pritchard Financial, we understand the fleet business is all about scaling. We cater our offerings to support the growth of your fleet and health of your balance sheet. Get a quote today. 

When is leasing better than buying?
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Buy vs. Lease is a decision that can greatly affect how well a business grows long term. Both options have their pros and cons, so this decision is about case-by-case opportunity costs. For many every day consumers, the cost of leasing outweighs the opportunities of capital flexibility. But for most growing fleet businesses, leasing can make a lot of sense.

This 4 part PDF will teach you how our competitive lease program can change your business for the better. If you'd like to streamline your fleet management processes and scale your business to the next level, this PDF is a great place to start.

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Why is Pritchard Financial
right for you?
Competitive Rates
  • Leasing makes even more sense if your rate is low.

  • Our large and diverse leasing portfolio allows us to lend in high volumes and at low rates, which helps you scale.

One-Stop Convenience
  • All Four is the financing arm of Pritchard Commercial, a fleet management and chassis supply company. 

  • Visit to see how we can help make managing your fleet a completely seamless experience.

Total Brand Access
  • The Pritchard Group has access to 11 auto brands and counting.

  • We can provide virtually any make/model you request without you ever having to step foot on a dealership. 

  • Since we provide both financing and the vehicles, you avoid paying any middlemen.

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